You can get a federal tax credit to reduce your total cost of going solar,  but did you know that your Local Utility Company also offers incentives to install Photovoltaic and or Wind Systems? Check it out  → → → →


PV Panels

Power output from our panels is GUARANTEED FOR 25 YEARS to be not less than 90% of minimum  rated power for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase AND not less than 80% of minimum rated power for a period of 25 years. Strict quality control, the highest quality components and the very latest production equipment ensure that our products provide the highest quality and a durable investment.

Power Inverters

The inverter is one of the most important and most complex components of an solar energy system. The inverter converts DC current produced by solar panels to AC, and also changes the voltage. In other words, it is a power adapter. It can allow a battery-based independent power system to run conventional appliances through conventional home wiring. It can also function as a switch to alternate or prioritise power supply to and from different sources.

Battery Storage

Solar Batteries (Deep Cycle Batteries) are a key component in a stand-alone or back up renewable energy systems. Without deep cycle batteries, solar generated power will only be available as it is produced. Batteries are essential to store power for uninterrupted use when the sun isn’t out or during the evening hours.

DC Disconnects

Solar disconnects provide the best solution for switching solar photovoltaic (PV) circuits. PV modules directly convert the sun’s light into electricity, providing power during daylight hours. PV disconnects are available in various configurations – 1 to 6 circuits, fusible or non-fusible, grounded or ungrounded systems.

PV Panel Racks

High quality PV mounting systems for roof fixing, ground level arrays, and pole mounting systems. These mounting systems are designed to achieve long spans which means fewer fixtures, less risk of roof leakage and, best of all, higher efficiencies can be achieved with pole mount arrays. Certified up to 150mph and 70psf for extreme conditions with a Twenty year manufacturing warranty.

Wind Turbines

Most wind energy comes from turbines that can be as tall as a 20-story building and have three 200-foot-long (60-meter-long) blades. These contraptions look like giant airplane propellers on a stick. The wind spins the blades, which turn a shaft connected to a generator that produces electricity.


Generator installations include a means to store fuel as well as a means to deliver fuel automatically to the engine, with diesel or propane.


Federal Tax Information

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Local Solar Incentives

Information on local solar energy incentives

Michigan Solar Information

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What is Solar Power?

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Solar Living Institute

Professional Solar Training Community - Online & In-person Courses

US Solar Map

Map of the average daily sun in the United States

US Wind Map

Map of the average annual wind speed in the United States

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